We love collaborating with a number of amazing scientists here at the University at Albany and across the globe.

Here are some of the results of those collaborations.


Comparative gene expression profiling between optic nerve and spinal cord injury in Xenopus laevis reveals a core set of genes inherent in successful regeneration of vertebrate central nervous system axons Belrose JL, et al. BMC Genomics 2020

Asian Zika Virus Isolate Significantly Changes the Transcriptional Profile and Alternative RNA Splicing Events in a Neuroblastoma Cell Line Bonefant G, et al. Viruses 2020

Smad4-dependent morphogenic signals control the maturation and axonal targeting of basal vomeronasal sensory neurons to the accessory olfactory bulb Naik, et al. Development 2020

Targeted identification of protein interactions in eukaryotic mRNA translation Link, et al. Proteomics 2020

Disruption of TET2 promotes the therapeutic efficacy of CD19-targeted T cells Fraietta et al. Nature 2018

The transcription factor Tfap2e/AP-2ε plays a pivotal role in maintaining the identity of basal vomeronasal sensory neurons Lin JM et al. Developmental Biology 2018

Epigenetic stability of exhausted T cells limits durability of reinvigoration by PD-1 blockade Pauken KE et al. Science 2016

Mitotic Stress Is an Integral Part of the Oncogene-Induced Senescence Program that Promotes Multinucleation and Cell Cycle Arrest. Dikovskaya D et al. Cell Reports 2015