Reagents and supplies

To request particular reagents, supplies, chemicals, etc, we use Quartzy.

Some tips for ordering from Quartzy

  1. When requesting an item, you only need to provide the name, the product number, and the number that you'd like to order. Don't worry about figuring out the price or anything else like that.
  2. You can check the Inventory tab to see if the product is something we've ordered before. If we've ordered it, you can just click "Request Again" or "Reorder" and save yourself some time when inputting items.
  3. When you request something, Morgan will automatically get an e-mail saying something has been requested. He'll try to order items the same day you request them in most circumstances.
  4. If you really want to be sure he orders it, ask him in person or send him a followup e-mail.
  5. Order before we run out of something!!!

DNA Oligos

We order DNA oligos from IDT. Each lab member should log into the IDT website using the proper credentials (found on the lab Slack account in the "Organization" group) and order their own oligos. Morgan is happy to show you how to do so.

Before you order from IDT, add your Oligo information to the Sammons Lab Oligo Spreadsheet (login information is found in the lab Slack "Organization" channel).

This is really important!

We need to maintain a system whereby

  1. all oligos have a universal naming convention (ie SL1400, where the number is assigned based on entry into the spreadsheet)
  2. sequence information is available to everyone
  3. There is some description of the use of the oligo

We order individual DNA oligos in tubes for orders smaller than 24 different oligos. Anything between 24 and much more is ordered as a plate, as this method provides a significant discount. You can feel free to combine orders with your lab mates if it pushes you over the 24 oligo threshold, but don't wait a few days to order if your colleague isn't ready yet. Just order what you need to get moving on the science!

Individual DNA oligos

For PCR, qPCR, or other standard uses, order oligos in the following single tube format

Scale 25 nmol DNA oligo
Formulation None
Purification Standard Desalting

When primers arrive, rehydrate them to a 100 micromolar stock and place them in the appropriate (numbered) box in the common -20˚C. The trick is to look at the number of nanomoles of primer and multiple that number by 10. This gives you the number of microliters of molecular grade water to resuspend your oligo in.

Make yourself an aliquot of the oligos if you need them, but be sure to put the stock in the Oligo boxes. If you need to rehydrate the oligo to a different concentration, please write it clearly on the tube.

Carbon dioxide tanks

We purchase our carbon dioxide (and other compressed gas) tanks from the CAS Scientific store. You can pick these up from two places. The first is the CAS Store itself, which is open 8-4 during the semester and for varied hours during the summer. The second is from the Life Sciences Loading Dock which is run by Dane Cellupica. Dane may not always be available to help you due to other duties he has, thus do not wait until it is an emergency to replace tanks.

Both the CAS Store and the loading dock have tank carts available. Pick up a new tank and then bring the old one back (with the cart!) when you're done.

The CAS Scientific Store

The CAS Scientific Store (Chemistry Building basement) carries a reasonable amoutn of general lab supplies and chemicals. Their hours vary by semester, but they are usually open 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday.

We purchase the following items from them:

  • Dry ice (bring an ice bucket to carry)
  • Liquid nitrogen (borrow a dewar from the Belfort lab)
  • Compressed gasses (CO2, for example)
  • Alcohols (190 and 200 proof ethanol, isopropanol, methanol)
  • Acids and bases (hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide)
  • Bleach (not always available)

Do not put any of these items on Quartzy; just go get them if you need them

Feel free to check if they have other common items in stock before putting them on the order sheet, but you're not under any obligation to do so.