Welcome to the Sammons Lab

We are members of the Department of Biological Sciences and are located in the Life Sciences Research Building on the Uptown Campus of the State University of New York at Albany

Campus and Department Information

Information for Graduate Students

Information for Undergraduate Students

Required Training

Tissue Culture Procedures

Biohazard and Chemical Waste

Style Guide for Figures

Writing Manuscripts

Organizing Raw Data (non-sequencing)
backups, etc folder with main project subfolders with year subfolder with month subfolder with project tag

Organizing References Using Zotero
We use Zotero to organize manuscript references and add these references to our manuscripts, grants, and other lab documents. Zotero has a stand-alone app, a web browser extension, and a plug-in for Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Data and Visualization Standards

Illustrator 8.5x11 in to start Label Text: Arial, 10pt (can bold) Figure Label Text: Arial, 12pt bold Bar graphs only for single point datasets To show bio replicates, show individual points with median Boxplots show individual points with median Stattistics (single boxplot comparisons, multiple comparisons, etc)

Deliveries and The Chem Store
Location of chem store Hours (or link to hours) What do we buy there...alcohols and acids/bases, mainly, but other stuff ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, etc dry ice LN2

Lab Code of Conduct

Reagent Ordering Information
Order on Quartzy tell Morgan if possible

Organizing Plasmids, Primers, and Other Wetlab Items

plasmid maps with snapgene store in -20 with grid chart/documentation expand in excel

Primers in excel on ordering sheet Antibody List (-20 and 4C)

RT-qPCR competent bacteria LB amp qPCR for libraries ChIPseq RNAseq Library Prep MPRA Library creation (electroporation)

Computational Tools
conda GitHub

Accessing the RIT Resources